Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Reasons for a Winter Wedding

If I get married, I think I’ll have to be sure it’s in winter. (FYI, this is not happening anytime soon that I’m aware of, folks, so stop your girly squealing.)

     A. I love my friends, and I love supporting them as they mark important chapters in their lives.
     B. I also like having a summer where I get to do what I want to do when I want to do it (i.e. have a weekend at home doing laundry, cleaning, and wearing pajamas for 2 days in a row).
     C. Sometimes A. gets in the way of B.

It is wedding season folks. That’s right, the time of year when you don’t say “no” to anyone with a rock on their left ring finger because you know (or at least hope) that this is the only time they will be getting married, and they’re already stressed enough, and it is a big deal, and you darn well better be there to support them (and also because you want to be there to support them).

Remember my post about hating winter? I’m starting to reconsider. Not because of the freezing temperatures. Nothing will make me love those. But maybe having a reason to celebrate (after the holiday rush) would make me hate winter just a little less. (But only a little.)

And so I give you, in no particular order, my reasons for considering winter an ideal-ish wedding season:

  • As mentioned above, winter kind of sucks. Any reason to feel more upbeat in winter is welcome--so get hitched, and have a reason to celebrate! 
  • Winter weddings are far less common. After the last 10 years of having tons of summer weddings, I’m thinking our friends and family deserve a break from highly scheduled summer travel and gift-buying.  I feel the stress of saying “whose wedding are we going to next weekend?” and “wait, what did we get them again?” and “how do they expect me not to sweat through my clothing if it is an outdoor ceremony in JULY?”
  • An excuse to have a honeymoon (and subsequent anniversary) getaway(s) to somewhere warm? Um, that would be amazeballs. 
  • Off-season pricing for wedding venues--how many golf courses are charging full price in January? The same is true of gowns, right? When do new “seasons” come out for bridal gown designs? You’re bound to get a deal. 
  • Snow is reflective. Your photographer won’t even need those silver shiny disc things to get great pictures--the snow will do it for them!
  • Humidity be gone! Curls stay better, deodorant works better, and can we say sweat? Sweet! 
  • If someone passes out at the wedding, it’s not from the heat; it’s from their beverage choices, and you can kind of control what’s available to prevent that from happening. The heat, however, is not something that can be controlled. 
  • No need to worry about tan lines for your dress. You can go pale, because winter is the season of paleness. (For me, however, that season is all year ‘round.) Or you can just toss on a sweater or shawl over your shoulders. 
  • Permission to hibernate after the wedding. Winter = plenty of snuggle time with you and your new contractually-bonded partner. 

When do you think is the ideal time for wedding celebrations?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

TBT: What do we inherit without knowing?

This past father’s day my siblings and I went together to get my dad a gift. Since I was able to get free shipping, I put the order together and each of my siblings paid me. None of this is earth shattering or new, or even interesting, until I opened a letter with a check from one of my brothers. Oftentimes you think about inheriting physical features from your parents: height, hair color, distinctive facial features, even your voice or vocal inflection.  When I opened that letter I realized that my brother’s handwriting is almost exactly like my dad’s, from the curl of the “C” to the combined swoop of the “St.” We tend to communicate through email, phone, or other family members, so I rarely see this brother’s handwriting. It was a nice reminder that not only do we get the physical features of our parents, but we also carry with us, for the rest of our lives, what they teach us growing up. They help shape us unto the people we are continuing to grow into, and that's a good thing.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Family Pictures

One of our family's traditions is our annual photo shoot. My mom always made it a priority to document our family's growth, and she passed that on to me, so every year I dress up my family in coordinating outfits and we drive out to a scenic spot.

In my minds eye, I expected our family photos would go something like this: 

Of course, my life (and I suspect yours) isn't reflective of a pinterest board, so our family photo shoot looks a lot like this:

 2011 was the first year I had two children. I spent lots of time and money choosing outfits, hair styles, planning nap time and feedings, finding a location and researching poses. Not a single member of my family cooperated.

After fighting with my two year old to be cooperative, trying to get my newborn to do something other than cry and want to eat, and becoming exasperated with my husband, I was sure the photo session was a bust. I went home and cried and cried and cried (and then I cried some more). Fortunately, our photographer happens to be my good friend Chelsea, who is extremely talented, and she knew what she was doing. Though we had several terrible photos, we managed to get a couple that have been my very favorite pictures of my daughters and my little family.

So I've learned to let it go and embrace the crazy. It's not so stressful to me anymore. So, readers, I'm inviting you to my home to see the pictures on my walls because I'm proud of my valiant efforts. Just know for every one of these:

There are just as many of these...

*Note: I am so grateful to my friend Chelsea, and I'm grateful that she is willing to include the crazy pictures in with the beautiful ones. A) They keep me humble and B) they keep me smiling. These are my kids and I'm so happy that they have giant spirits inside their little bodies and I wouldn't have them any other way. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

TBT: Twins

As becoming a mother of two looms ever closer in my future, I can't help but think about my mom, who went from being a mother of one to being a mother of three when the first one was 15 months old. 
Even more amazing, because it was the 70s and they didn't do ultrasounds, she didn't know that she was having twins until the second baby started coming out. Synchronized heartbeats in babies face to face apparently makes it hard to tell that there's more than one in there.

When I think about all of the transitions we're going to be making in the next couple of months, this one always comes to mind:

I'm in awe, and I'm relieved that it's not me, but I don't think my mom was ever sorry that her life turned out this way (after the initial shock and crying wore off). If this is possible and joyful, I can certainly do two kids. 

Good work, Mom! 

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Worst Movies Ever

These are my personal opinions about the worst movies ever made, some of you might not agree, some of you might love these movies, some of you may be shocked that I dare insult these movies, some of you may grow to hate me, some of you might try to track down my home address to send me hate mail, but that's a risk I'm willing to take. And if by the end of the post if you still like me- you should know that I also hate girl scout cookies, that should do it.

1. Anchorman 2

Perhaps it's that comedies should never have sequels. Perhaps it's that the first movie set expectations so high. Perhaps it's that this movie is peppered with witty screen writers. Perhaps it's the promising plot line of the downfall of news integrity. There are many reasons this movie was the biggest disappointment since Star Wars The Phantom Menace.

2. The Host

When I was in the throes of newborn months I got the opportunity to go see a movie by myself- a rare and precious gift! Unfortunately I went to see The Host. I would have rather stayed home and cleaned up diaper blowouts.

3. [Insert Nicholas Cage Movie of Your Choice Here]

A philosophical question more complex than the chicken and the egg- is a movie bad because it has Nicholas Cage in it? Or does Nicholas Cage join movies that are already bad?

4. Taken 2

The good news is that there won't be a Taken 3 because Liam Neeson has now shot every person in Europe. Unless of course they journey to Australia or something but hopefully that family is officially over traveling.

5. Transformers 1-4 (5? 6?)

I've lost track of how many of these terrible movies have been made. Haven't we been through enough at this point? The Transformers recipe for success: bad acting - bad dialogue - bad plot + violence + robots + one skinny objectified woman = the worst movies ever.

6. Repo Men

This is a lesser known movie which some of you probably haven't seen but if someone rents this at a party let me save you some grief. After watching Forrest Whittaker become Idi Amin in The Last King of Scotland* I was automatically sold on whatever movie he was in. Plus it had an interesting plot premise, a dystopian future where private companies sell organs to people on credit and must be repossed if the individual is not making payments. But like many movies before, it was a huge failure of little dialogue and unrealistic over-the-top violence like killing someone with a box cutter.

*On seeing the movie poster and an extremely vague preview for The Last King of Scotland I decided it was a movie about a mentally handicapped Scottish person (Forrest Whittaker) and assumed it was one of those feel-good, person with a disability accomplishes amazing things movie so I dragged my mom with me to see it. I was pretty scarred when I then watched a grisly account of genocide in Uganda and Idi Amin (Forrest Whittaker) hang someone up with meat hooks.

What's on your worst movie list?